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From:Gleb Paharenko Date:April 12 2005 8:11am
Subject:Re: slave out of sync
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Replication shouldn't die if one of the participants goes offline.
But unclean shutdowns of the master may cause inconsistencies between the
content of tables and the binary log in master; this can be avoided by
using InnoDB tables and the --innodb-safe-binlog option on the master.
See Replication for part of the manual for more advices and switch to the
latest release if you haven't it yet.

> think this is what i am going to have to do as i found more errors this 
> morning with the slave thread dead. now that i know how to setup 
> repilcation it won't be as painful this go around. my only remaining 
> problem with this is i thought that this shouldn't have happened in the 
> first place. am i going to face this problem any time the master goes 
> offline or for that matter the slave goes offline?

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