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From:Gleb Paharenko Date:April 9 2005 4:15pm
Subject:Re: slave out of sync
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I think that it is possible using mysqlbinlog with options
--stop-position and --start-position to get missed data.

But if you had an updates and deletes after crashing the master
your task became difficult. But the easiest way, as for me,
is to clear the slave and setup replication again. You may use
LOAD DATA FROM MASTER to make your task as simple as possible.
In feature I suggest you to make a regular snapshots of your master 
data. MySQL has ability for incremental backups, which could save you
a lot of space.

Chris Scheller <schelcj@stripped> wrote:
> i have replication going between 2 boxes. the master crashed a few days 
> ago, and this morning i noticed that the slaves slave thread errored 
> out. the binary log and offset had changed on the master and the slave 
> couldn't sync up. i got the slave up and running again by changing the 
> log file and offset in the slave. but now i am left with out of sync 
> data. how do i get these back in sync, and how do i aviod this in the 
> future?

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