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From:Winanjaya Date:April 11 2005 9:53am
Subject:RE: Auto SQL
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What tool you're talking now? .. PHPMyAdmin? .. I am using MySQL
Administrator .. and I didnot find such feature .. any suggestion?

thanks a lot in advance

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From: "Winanjaya"
> I am using MySQL 4.1, I have a database with more than 100 tables inside,
> there any 3rd party tools that can help me to create a SQL statement of
> "CREATE TABLE blah blah blah" for each table in my DB . please advise

I think many MySQL management tools can help you do this.
phpMyAdmin (, our 'beloved' :-) web based tool is
one of them.

If you select a database you'll see an overview of all the tables in the
database with some statistics. Select the tab 'Export' and you can set all
the details of the export you want to make.

E.g. Select all tables, SQL export, Structure, no data, download resulting
statements as file, etc. and you'll end up with a nice list of CREATE TABLE
statements for all the selected tables.

Regards, Jigal.

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