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From:<gunmuse Date:April 8 2005 9:05pm
Subject:FW: GWAVA Sender Notification (Spam)
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This is what I call WAY OVER REACTING.

This member turned my email into the spam report immediately without
thinking.  Now I am recieving these.
Donny Lairson
29 GunMuse Lane
P.O. box 166
Lakewood NM 88254
469 228 2183

-----Original Message-----
From: junkmail@stripped [mailto:junkmail@stripped]
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 12:51 PM
Subject: GWAVA Sender Notification (Spam)

A message sent by you was blocked by GWAVA - Content protection for Novell

The message was blocked for the following reason(s):

  a.. Spam
The message contained the following information:

      Subject: RE: WARNING!!!! abuser on this list?
      From: gunmuse@stripped
      Recipient(s): [No To Addresses]
      [No Cc Addresses]
      SPippin@stripped, SQL@stripped

The following information details the events that prevented delivery of this

      Event Details
     The message was identified as potential spam

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