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From:Philippe Poelvoorde Date:April 6 2005 8:10am
Subject:Re: deadlock with innodb
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Gleb Paharenko wrote:
> Hello.
> Among other things check that you correctly process lock timeouts.

I've check this, but it seems fine.
I'm testing it this way with 3 applications on the same computer (2 
processors) :
- 2 clients applications with an open connection to the DB (which is 
remote with single processor) are waiting for a event to be trigger by 
the network. When the event comes they fire the query (BEGIN; SELECT ... 
- 1 supervisor application that send those events to the clients 
applications (in order to reproduce production conditions). If I send 
the two event without delay ( send client1; send client2 ) the SELECT .. 
FOR UPDATE goes through for the _two_ clients at the same time and then 
cause InnoDB to complain about a deadlock.
If i introduce a delay of 20 ms (send client1; sleep(20 ms); send client 
2); only one SELECT .. FOR UPDATE goes through, the other one does wait 
until it's commited/rollback as expected (and so reproduce what I can 
observe if I do it by hand).
The problem is just that if the two SELECT ... FOR UPDATE does arrive at 
the same time, it throws a deadlock. Well, if that's the expected 
behaviour, it's fine with me, but I still don't undestand why it does 
Thanks for your help,

>>Well, I'm sure it's a bug hidden somewhere in my apps, i've check with 
>>another connexion and it worked ;)

Philippe Poelvoorde
COS Trading Ltd.
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