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From:David (SST - Adelaide) Logan Date:April 6 2005 7:23am
Subject:RE: CSV storage engine
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Sorry, I don't use windows 8-) except when I have to. All my servers are
unix/linux and I can build them at will. I think there are instructions
in the manual for building it but I think you would probably have to
purchase a C++ compiler or similar.


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From: Martijn Tonies [mailto:m.tonies@stripped] 
Sent: Wednesday, 6 April 2005 4:53 PM
To: Logan, David (SST - Adelaide); mysql@stripped
Subject: Re: CSV storage engine

Ah David,

> >From the documentation referred to in the link
> 14.8. The CSV Storage Engine
> The CSV storage engine was added in MySQL 4.1.4. This engine stores
> in text files using comma-separated-values format.
> To enable this storage engine, use the --with-csv-storage-engine
> to configure when you build MySQL.

That much I read ... but are we serious here that the ONLY
way to enable this, is to build MySQL yourself?

I surely hope not ... :-)

I'm using MySQL on Windows - if the above indeed is the case, did
anyone build it with the CSV engine enabled?

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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