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From:Daniel BODEA Date:April 5 2005 5:11pm
Subject: Re: Temporal databases & MySQL
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Hi Shawn,

I really meant temporal and not temporary. Temporal as in TSQL2. Databases
that on the one hand accumulate all changes to data over time along with
accurate time information and on the other hand provide varying degrees of
transparency in querying this data based on the theory of instants and
aggregated intervals of time.

Most of the resources available online are largely academic though.

Google :

Troels' links has a good temporal databases section :

The TAU Project that has some experimental code for several engines of which

I need to use this fully in a project that uses MySQL 4.1.latest and in a
way that's independent of the structure of tables comprising the

I'm not looking for TSQL2 implementations for MySQL or other types of
esoteric implementations at the SQL level. I was just interested in hearing
from people who have used MySQL to implement this model in a production
environment and what they could say about both the storage of temporal data
and the optimization of queries on past instants and intervals.

There are several partially incompatible ways of doing this in a generic
relational context but as always, only one is most fit for a given SQL
engine and I'm currently asking about it for MySQL.

I can't possibly be the first one to push this thing onto MySQL based on
production-quality requirements.


> I am not familiar with the use of the adjective "temporal" with the word
> "database". To me "temporal" means "of or having to do with time or it's
> measurement". Could you have meant "temporary" which means to me
> "non-permanent or transitory in nature."?
> Even if you had meant "temporary", I rarely hear it used as a database
> design term except when used with the word "table" as in "temporary
> table". (
> However, if the TAU project is doing research on databases that are
> displaced or movable through time, this may be something I want to get
> involved with. What is their URL?
> Shawn Green
> Database Administrator
> Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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