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From:Olivier Salzgeber Date:April 5 2005 1:01pm
Subject:problem with table design
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Hello everybody
I'm designing a database for our new Application and have some
problems with the following:

We have a table Jobs in which we store all kind of Jobs.
Looks like this:

job_id, integer,
name, varchar,
description, varchar

easy so far :)
The problem is we also want to keep track which of the Jobs are
related or almost the same.

If we have the following jobs:
1 painter 
2 auxiliary worker painter
3 plasterer 
4 auxiliary worker plasterer
5 electrician
6 auxiliary worker electrician

There will be 2 logical "groups":
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6

If I query for "plasterer" I should get the following result:
- plasterer
- painter
- auxiliary worker painter
- auxiliary worker plasterer

If I query for "auxiliary worker electrician" I should get this:
- electrician
- auxiliary worker electrician

What is the easiest way to design this?
I thought about this the whole morning but couldn't get a solution.

I hope somebody on this list can point me in the right direction.

Olivier Salzgeber
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