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From:Eric Gorr Date:April 2 2005 6:47pm
Subject:Re: [Q] Database design
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Peter Brawley wrote:
> Eric,
> If I understand you correctly, you propose to encode user and group info 
> as table names. That's a mistake. To use an RDBMS like MySQL 
> effectively, you want to encode your information as rows of data in 
> tables whose names and structures do not vary.

Thank you for your comments. Would this design be better?

( assume that one of the group names will be 'Group_A' )


     group name
     # of user columns

     Column 1 Data
     Column 2 Data
     Column N Data

I am still encoding group info into a table name, but I am unsure of how 
to avoid this and not have a table with a lot of wasted space.

> May I suggest you read 
> some of the tutorials listed at 
>, and/or read 

Thank you for the pointers.

Unfortunately, seems to 
have a couple of broken links (Codd's Rules)...any idea where this 
information can be found?

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