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From:Eric Gorr Date:April 2 2005 6:20pm
Subject:[Q] Database design
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Not having done much database design in the past, I have what should be 
a fairly simple design question.

I usage of mySQL will revolve around a common group + user system. There
can be multiple groups and each group will contain some subset of users.

Each group will have a custom set of data whose values vary per user.

So basically a sample structure might look like this:
(some details intentionally left out)


     # of user columns

     Column 1 Data
     Column 2 Data
     Column N Data

One probably incorrect thought on my part is that it would not be
necessary to store the usernames in Table_Group_A of those users who
belong to that group. But, thinking about it more, it seems like a good
idea. My original intent was to simply look for tables named
Table_Group_A_* and extract the username from the table name...

Does anyone have any recommends concerning this kind of design? I would
like to be able to lay things out in mySQL as cleanly as possible.
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