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From:Mark Matthews Date:March 31 2005 1:09pm
Subject:Re: license question
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Daevid Vincent wrote:
> As my company and I understand it, if you intend on distributing mySQL on
> this appliance and the appliance is a sealed box with your own proprietary
> code (like PHP or C or Java or whatever) that interfaces to the
> STOCK/Untouched RDBMS, you NEED a mySQL Commercial License. 
> This license is a ridiculous $600 per unit which makes it completely
> unrealistic for any large scale deployment!!! I mean, I don't mind paying
> someone for their work, but I was thinking more like $50 per unit, not > 10
> times that.


The pricing you quote is for someone who is buying servers for their own
business' use (i.e. 'enterprises'), and includes support, knowledge base
access, alerts, etc., which is all part of a package called MySQL Network.

If you're an ISV/OEM that wants to include MySQL in your product, you
should contact sales@stripped, because the is dramatically different,
but is negotiated per-situation based on the pricing model and revenue
you'd be generating with your software.


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Mark Matthews
MySQL AB, Software Development Manager - Connectivity

MySQL User Conference (Santa Clara CA, 18-21 April 2005)
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