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From:Pat Ballard Date:March 31 2005 7:39am
Subject:RE: license question
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--- Daevid Vincent <daevid@stripped> wrote:
> As my company and I understand it, if you intend on
> distributing mySQL on
> this appliance and the appliance is a sealed box


> with your own proprietary
> code (like PHP or C or Java or whatever) that
> interfaces to the
> STOCK/Untouched RDBMS

It's like this:

my_code <--> stock PHP/Apache <--> stock MySQL

> you NEED a mySQL Commercial
> License.

wowza! :-(

> This license is a ridiculous $600 per unit which
> makes it completely
> unrealistic for any large scale deployment!!!

Well, it means your profit per unit (not counting SQL
expenses) must be significantly higher than $600
Not easy, given the fierce competition in the current

> If someone from mySQL can clarify that would be
> great

I agree that the license is murky. That's why i
actually asked a question through "official"
channels. I'm waiting their response.

Pat Ballard

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