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From:David (SST - Adelaide) Logan Date:March 31 2005 5:54am
Subject:RE: license question
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Hi Folks,

Take a deep breath and see how much an Oracle license is for a Solaris
box with 4 cpus, AFAIK start looking in the thousands of dollars. Try
SQL server, Sybase or Informix. None of the above mentioned are
particularly cheap, some of these are costing over $595.00 per seat not
per unit. 

IMHO $595.00 for an unlimited user configuration is not bad at all.
Granted most users tend to be in the X86 world where hardware is cheap
but lets look at the commercial reality of it all, $595.00 is not that
bad considering the general backup and support along with the feature
set that you receive. BTW it is only $295.00 if you don't want InnoDB.


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Yeah. It's silly. The whole hardware x86 1U rack mount we use with
proc, 256MB, 40GB HD, dual Gbps NICs is only $500. I don't know what
the mySQL AB guys are smoking to think that they are competitive. We've
already started to wrap our product SQL calls in our own API so we can
migrate to Postgress (or something with an acceptable license). 

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> MySql loses money from many vendors on this very point.  Of 
> which they do not budge.
> We have a Point of Sale software company who can distribute 
> Oracle cheaper.
> They only require a percentage of the final product price 
> that their product
> is packaged with.  When the company explained they would 
> rather use MySql an pay them the same rates MySql refused.

> This license is a ridiculous $600 per unit which makes it completely
> unrealistic for any large scale deployment!!! I mean, I don't 
> mind paying
> someone for their work, but I was thinking more like $50 per 
> unit, not > 10 times that.

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