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From:Pat Ballard Date:March 31 2005 12:58am
Subject:Re: license question
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--- valentin_nils@stripped wrote:
> I thought that was discussed before over and over on
> this mailinglist. I
> am surprised that many people have isues with that
> topic.

1. Licensing in general can be quite confusing for a
non-lawyer geek
2. I want to make 101% sure I don't take any wrong
steps before hitting the market.

> 1) Will you include and ditsribute the source code
> and the changes (if
> any) and the GPL license in your product ?

The MySQL source code, you mean?
Well, it's a sealed appliance, a "black box" from the
customer's p.o.v. (duh, think of it as a VCR or a
toaster), but sure, i can throw in a CD with source
code and stuff if it's necessary.

I don't plan to make any changes or write any code
that even remotely touches MySQL. The only connection
between the code that I write and MySQL is via
php-mysql / httpd

> If yes, than you DONT need a commercial license.
> if NO, (in other words you dont want to publish any
> changes you made to
> the code) then you need a commercial license.

I'm not making any changes to MySQL whatsoever.

> 2) Are you selling the product or a service ?
> If you are trying to sell the customer the very same
> MySQL product for $$
> that he can download, then you must be good at
> sales, no questions asked.

Same reasoning would apply to the hundreds, if not
thousands other appliances currently on the market
which are also running Linux (which is also something
that the customer can download for free). Are all of
those companies just "good at sales"?
Case in point: the Linksys routers which everyone owns
and which run Linux.

My appliance is the same. It just happens it needs a
SQL backend. Might be MySQL. Might be PostgreSQL if
either/or it's faster in my particular case or more
liberally licensed than MySQL (which are things I'm
still investigating). Might be something else. <shrug>

Pat Ballard

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