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From:Christopher Vaughan Date:March 30 2005 3:48pm
Subject:if statement help
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I have data in a table listed as 
It stands for hhh:mm:ss
I want to break each part of the data into different parts based on the ':' to separate
them.  Then I want to take that data and sum it.  I wrote an if statement to parse through
this table but I can't get it to work.  I am not sure If my syntax is
wrong because I can't find anything to check against it.  

Here is the syntax:

(SELECT job_walltime
FROM time
WHERE CHAR_LENGTH( job_walltime ) >=9)
(SELECT sum( left( job_walltime,  '3'  )  ) hours, sum(mid(  `job_walltime` , 4, 2  )) ,
sum( right( job_walltime,  '2'  )  ) seconds
FROM  `time`)
(SELECT sum( left( job_walltime,  '3'  )  ) hours, sum(mid(  `job_walltime` , 3, 2  ) ),
sum( right( job_walltime,  '2'  )  ) seconds
FROM  `time`)

I know this isn't the only way to do this but this but this is the first suggestion that
comes to mind.  Any input would be great.

Further info MySQL 3.23.58  running on RedHat 9

-Chris Vaughan

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