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From:Mike Johnson Date:March 22 2005 9:44pm
Subject:RE: Passing Arrays between pages
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From: PartyPosters [mailto:sales@stripped] 

> Hello,
> Please can someone tell me how you pass arrays between PHP pages.
> I have tried something like this and have tried many 
> variations of this but
> nothing working yet ;
> Page 1
> $testArray[0] =Apple;
> $testArray[1] =Banana;
> $testArray[2] =Peach;
> echo "<INPUT NAME = \"kcompany[]\" TYPE = \"hidden\" 
> VALUE=\"$testArray\">";
> Page2
> echo $testArray[1];

This is more of a PHP question, and I'm sure you'll be admonished for
it, but I'll answer it anyway. Essentially, you need to construct the
array elements as their own hidden values.

echo "<INPUT NAME = \"kcompany[]\" TYPE = \"hidden\"
echo "<INPUT NAME = \"kcompany[]\" TYPE = \"hidden\"
echo "<INPUT NAME = \"kcompany[]\" TYPE = \"hidden\"

At that point, if you call:

echo $kcompany[1];

after the form submit, you'll get Banana.


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