Someone on the list recently dave this quickie formula for computing the no. of biz days::

  DATEDIFF(date2, date1) - (WEEK(date2) - WEEK(date1)) * 2



Stembridge, Michael wrote:
A table exists with id and datetime columns; I need to SELECT records from
the previous business day.     I began with this: 


SELECT id FROM table WHERE TO_DAYS(NOW()) - TO_DAYS(datetime) <=1 


But if NOW() is a Monday, it pulls records from Sunday (there are none since
records are inserted M-F only).    I thought of using something like this in
my WHERE clause: 


"AND DAYOFWEEK(datetime) != 6"


Though this doesn't seem like an operable solution (If I'm not mistaken this
would return 0 rows if no records were inserted on a Sunday).  


Does MySQL include a specifier for business day?   


Thank you, 



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