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From:Tom Crimmins Date:March 22 2005 2:14pm
Subject:RE: again on encryption function, with bug 7846 question
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On Tuesday, March 22, 2005 07:15, symbulos partners wrote:

> Dear friends,
> thanks for the link to the dev manual page on encryption function.
> Which encryption is more secure (strongest)
> ?

Are you using this for password storage or encrypting actual data? 
If you are using it for passwords, I would suggest using SHA1 or MD5 
since these are one-way hashing algorithims.

> I would have said AES, but after reading the manual chapters on DES,
> SHA I am not s(ec)ure any more.
> By the way, I did not understand if the bug
> has been fixed.

Tom Crimmins
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