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From:User Roger_ber Date:March 20 2005 4:38pm
Subject:Copy users (was: Grant Tables problem )
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David Lloyd wrote ..
> Hi,
> > I have a problem connecting to the mysql server. I installed a new
> > server with mysql 4.1.9, apache2, php4 on freebsd5.3 and have some
> > websites running on it using the mysql server. Last friday I had a
> > crash of one off my other servers and I copied the websites and db's
> > to this new server. (old server was mysql 3). After that the mysql
> > server didn't startup anymore. I then chown'ed the data dir to
> > mysql:mysql. After that I was able to start the server with
> > "--skip-grant-tables &". But it didn't start with out the
> > --skip-grant-tables option". So I found out to use "mysql_install_db"
> > to create new grant tables. After that the server starts with and
> > without "--skip-grant-tables". But only with the "--skip-grant-tables"
> > option, websites can connect to the databases. I can't find any real
> > errors in the logs and I can't find anything on the web or forum. I
> > run mysql_fix_privilege_tables and installed a root passwd.  Hopefully
> > somebody can help me on this. 
> I wonder if putting:
> [mysql]
> old-passwords
> your my.cnf (I always use /etc/my.cnf because trying to guess
> where the 'real' data directory is, is painful).
Well the above article did me search in another way (thanks for that). I found out the
users are not copied with the db's. I copied about 20 db's 2 weeks ago from one server to
another and everything went just fine. Probably the problem is now that the old server had
the db's in /usr/home/mysql/data and on the new server in /var/db/mysql (default). How do
I copy those users?


Copy users (was: Grant Tables problem )User Roger_ber20 Mar