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From:Peter Brawley Date:March 20 2005 4:14pm
Subject:Re: Select previous group
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 >Seems like there should be a simple solution to my problem but I have 
been unable to find it.
 >Suppose you have a phone book of names, addresses, etc.  You are 
looking at page
 >100 and want to now see page 99.  (The person data is, of course, 
dynamic so a specific
 >name is not tagged to a specific page.)  How can I select the names 
for page 99 (in this
 >case) knowing only the first name on page 100 and the number of names 
I want to display?

    1-based page numbers,
    you are on page P, and
    each page shows N rows,
then a SELECT statement that reproduces your page, assuming no rows have 
changed, ends with
    LIMIT ((P-1)*N, N),
so you could retrieve page 99 with a SELECT statement which ends with
    LIMIT (98*N,N).

Peter Brawley


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