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From:Michal Zaschke Date:April 14 1999 4:36am
Subject:Re: Bug in UNIQUE column?
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Thank you Monty,
  we were decided to change our old version.


Michael Widenius píše:
> >>>>> "zaschke" == zaschke  <zaschke@stripped> writes:
> >> Description:
> zaschke> After creating a table with one unique column and inserting three rows
> where
> zaschke> the first and the second one start with one lower letter and the third
> row
> zaschke> starts with the same but upper letter, isamchk raises an error on index

> Hi!
> The above may happen if you have compiled MySQL 3.21.33 with czech
> sorting!
> Many (but probably not all) sorting bugs with czech sorting is fixed
> in the newest MySQL 3.22 version!
> Regards,
> Monty
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