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From:Homam S.A. Date:March 11 2005 9:31pm
Subject:Re: Better option then polling ?
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There's nothing wrong with polling as long as it's
moderate and it doesn't lock resources.

On a heavily updated table in a large volumen site, it
scales much better than nasty triggers or events
firing all over the place.

Triggers are intended to maintain internal database
consistency by enforcing business rules at the DB
tier. They're not meant for event notification of
external applications, especially if you're holding
the transaction hostage until the remote call is

As someone mentioned here, asynchronous events
(fire'n'forget) in some DBMS systems are much better
suited to this because they don't don't prolong
transactions, and subsequently locks on resources.

I think the best choice in your scenario is to use
adaptive polling: Track the average of DELTA (new
records added between polls) over time, and adjust the
polling internval accordingly.

For example, if the current average DELTA is 100, and
the new DELTA was 120, then you decrease the polling
interval proportionally but not less than MIN value,
and if it was 80, then you increase the polling
interval proportionally but not greater than MAX

This way you can adapt well to surges in events and
prevent queue buildups.


--- Michael Gale <michael.gale@stripped>
> Hello,
> I am fairly new to mysql and have a strange request
> .... I am not sure 
> if "stored procedures" will solve this.
> I have a table in a database that is constantly
> being updated with new 
> information. I would like to be notified if certain
> information gets 
> committed.
> Lets say for example the table gets updated every
> time a login attempt 
> happens regardless if it is successful or not.
> So I want an app to watch the table for incorrect
> logins and if found to 
> send an e-mail.
> Now there are several problems with this ...
> first... there could be 
> hundreds of logins so we do not want the same app to
> spawn multiple 
> processes each notifying the same incorrect login
> attempt.
> I was thinking about a cron that would run every X
> minute searching any 
> newly added rows and keeping the last row id in a
> tmp file.
> Is there a better way ?
> Thanks.
> Michael.
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