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From:Alfredo Cole Date:March 11 2005 4:10pm
Subject:How to determine how many ibdata files are needed?
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Using MySQL 4.1.10, SuSE 8.2 Pro, reiser file system.


I have been trying to locate a reference which would provide guidelines to 
determine if one ibdata should be used, or when to use several (two, three, 
etc.), but I can not seem to find anything in the manual. I have tried a 
single ibdata file for my 5 Gb database (which is going to grow as history 
gets added to it), two and even three ibdata files, the last with the 
autoextend argument. I have not seen a difference in performance so far.

Is there any advantages to having one single ibdata file, or is it better to 
have several, and if so, how many? If you could point me to a url where I can 
read about this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and regards.

Alfredo J. Cole
Grupo ACyC - - SolCom -
How to determine how many ibdata files are needed?Alfredo Cole11 Mar
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