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From:Keith Ivey Date:March 10 2005 11:02pm
Subject:Re: replication errors
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Irek Słonina wrote:

> I was thinking that master is executing the same queries that slave does 
> - if an error exists on slave then it first comes up on the master and 
> master is not executing it either.
> You prove that I was wrong... now I must check the integrity of the data
> on my slaves, which all are running with slave skip errors turned on :/.

Anyone thinking of using slave-skip-errors should read the 
documentation about it, which should be enough to scare them 
away from that option (especially "all"):

| You can (but should not) also use the very non-recommended
| value of _all_ which ignores all error messages and keeps
| barging along regardless of what happens. Needless to say, if
| you use it, we make no promises regarding your data integrity.
| Please do not complain if your data on the slave is not
| anywhere close to what it is on the master in this case. You
| have been warned.

Keith Ivey <keith@stripped>
Smokefree DC
Washington, DC
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