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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 14 1999 1:25am
Subject:mysqld restarted
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>>>>> "Harry" == Harry Brueckner <brueckner@stripped> writes:

Harry> Hello,
Harry> I run mysql 3.22.19b on my Linux server and in the past weeks I sometimes got
Harry> messages like:

Harry> mysqld restarted on  Tue Apr 13 14:59:09 CEST 1999
Harry> /home/mysql-3.22.19b/libexec/mysqld: ready for connections

Harry> in my mysql.err file. The question I face now, is WHY did it get restarted or
Harry> what happened to mysqld ? The error log just says that it was restarted but
Harry> there is no information available about what happened.

Harry> The server answers like 30 questions per second during the day and the 24h
Harry> average is at approximately 10 questions per second.
Harry> I know it is kinda highly frequented but it handles it nicely except for this
Harry> restarting every few days or sometimes only once a week or so.

Harry> The problem is that I can not turn on logging but of course I am interested in
Harry> things that go wrong. The logfile MySQL provides right now would kinda overflow
Harry> my harddisks pretty fast. :-)

Harry> Any ideas how to get an idea about what the server is doing wrong ?


You can always do logging this by using the mysql-log-rotate script in 
cron with some additional code that will notice a restart and move the 
log file away.

Its very likely that its some specific query that gives mysqld

mysqld restartedHarry Brueckner14 Apr
  • mysqld restartedMichael Widenius14 Apr