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From:Kostas Pyliouras Date:March 9 2005 10:06pm
Subject:RE: Query_cache_size Question
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Depends on the result sets you want to cache. Check the other variables in the manual, you
can analyze if all the query cache is utilized at a point in time. In general 16M is low
when you have 4GB, you can safely increase it.

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Subject: Query_cache_size Question

Hi, I'm trying to tweak the execution time for querys on my mysql
server which is using InnoDB.

I know that there are a lot of things to check but one of them, perhaps
not the most important, is the query_cache_size.

I have a dual Xeon cpu with 4gb of ram and this is a Linux dedicated
server which runs only Apache and Mysql 4.1.5 

I've declared Query_cache_size = 16M in the my.cnf file 
and I would say that in the whole we have 60% of select querys and a 
40% of update querys.

Is Query_cache_size=16M too conservative considering that I have 4Gb of
ram ?

If so what would be a more efective value?

As I've said before the engine is InnoDB.


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