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From:Eamon Daly Date:March 9 2005 8:27pm
Subject:read-only and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE (was: safe way of replication?)
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Speaking of the --read-only option, I don't suppose there's
any way to run --read-only but allow CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE,
is there? We run several reports against a slave server
which require temporary tables for speed, and have had a
problem with the occasional accidental write to the slave.
The slave server is running MySQL 4.0.20.

Eamon Daly

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From: "Keith Ivey" <keith@stripped>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 2:11 PM
Subject: Re: safe way of replication?

> Atle Veka wrote:
>> Even if you replicate the 'mysql' DB, GRANT/REVOKE statements are not
>> replicated, nor are FLUSH statements. So if you are adding new access
>> privileges on the master they will not be active on the slave until you
>> issue FLUSH PRIVILEGES (one the slave).
> What version are you talking about?  GRANT and REVOKE seem to be 
> replicated fine nowadays.  I remember some bugs related to their 
> replication, but they were about replicating them when they 
> shouldn't be (when the mysql DB wasn't being replicated), not 
> failing to replicate them when they should be.  Also FLUSH 
> PRIVILEGES is replicated as of version 4.1.1, according to the 
> documentation.
> The original poster might want to look into the read-only option 
> to prevent accidental modification of the slave data:
> | --read-only
> |
> | This option causes the slave to allow no updates except from
> | slave threads or from users with the SUPER privilege. This can
> | be useful to ensure that a slave server accepts no updates
> | from clients.
> |
> | This option is available as of MySQL 4.0.14.

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