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From:Keith Ivey Date:March 9 2005 8:11pm
Subject:Re: safe way of replication?
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Atle Veka wrote:

> Even if you replicate the 'mysql' DB, GRANT/REVOKE statements are not
> replicated, nor are FLUSH statements. So if you are adding new access
> privileges on the master they will not be active on the slave until you
> issue FLUSH PRIVILEGES (one the slave).

What version are you talking about?  GRANT and REVOKE seem to be 
replicated fine nowadays.  I remember some bugs related to their 
replication, but they were about replicating them when they 
shouldn't be (when the mysql DB wasn't being replicated), not 
failing to replicate them when they should be.  Also FLUSH 
PRIVILEGES is replicated as of version 4.1.1, according to the 

The original poster might want to look into the read-only option 
to prevent accidental modification of the slave data:

| --read-only
| This option causes the slave to allow no updates except from
| slave threads or from users with the SUPER privilege. This can
| be useful to ensure that a slave server accepts no updates
| from clients.
| This option is available as of MySQL 4.0.14.

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