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From:Atle Veka Date:March 9 2005 7:48pm
Subject:Re: safe way of replication?
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Even if you replicate the 'mysql' DB, GRANT/REVOKE statements are not
replicated, nor are FLUSH statements. So if you are adding new access
privileges on the master they will not be active on the slave until you
issue FLUSH PRIVILEGES (one the slave).

Hope this helps. :)

Flying Crocodile Inc, Unix Systems Administrator

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Chris Knipe wrote:

> Lo all,
> Just wondering... Would the below be considered a "safe" way to do
> replication...
> MasterBD:  One Database (most Critical)
> SlaveDB: Replicating all databases from MasterBD as well as hosting allot of
> other 3rd party, or customer DBs.
> Basically, the MasterBD holds a single critical database for our company
> (i.e. main database).  The slave DB then becomes a slave for the MasterDB
> (one way replication), but also hosts allot of other not so critical
> databases?
> So far, this seems to be working, but I am getting a couple of errors or
> problems in regards to the mysql table for user authentication...  My guess
> is that I more than likely just don't need to replicate that DB from the
> master.
> Would this be considered safe??  Or should I look at a third database server
> for deployment?
> --
> Chris.
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