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From:Chris Knipe Date:March 9 2005 3:49pm
Subject:safe way of replication?
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Lo all,

Just wondering... Would the below be considered a "safe" way to do 

MasterBD:  One Database (most Critical)
SlaveDB: Replicating all databases from MasterBD as well as hosting allot of 
other 3rd party, or customer DBs.

Basically, the MasterBD holds a single critical database for our company 
(i.e. main database).  The slave DB then becomes a slave for the MasterDB 
(one way replication), but also hosts allot of other not so critical 

So far, this seems to be working, but I am getting a couple of errors or 
problems in regards to the mysql table for user authentication...  My guess 
is that I more than likely just don't need to replicate that DB from the 

Would this be considered safe??  Or should I look at a third database server 
for deployment?


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