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From:S.Yousaf Shah Date:March 8 2005 6:04pm
Subject:RE: MySql error...
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Thankx to all,
I have solved the problem, the problem was with the permissions.We have to
give the ownership of the mysql directory to mysql user and the run the
configuration file.
yousaf jschmidtYousaf
> Hi,
> I don't have an answer for you yet - but I encountered exactly the same
> situation with one of my systems last weekend. Unfortunately, the error
> file
> sheds no light at all on the situation. In my case:
> [root@JackFish mysql]# cat
> 050304 07:30:36  mysqld started
> 050304 07:30:37  mysqld ended
> I downloaded a full binary distribution and it will fire right up using
> the
> files/directories in the tar. That being the case I came to the conclusion
> that this is a permissions problem of some kind, but didn't take it any
> further as this is a non-critical issue for me right now.
> Good luck with it.
> John J. Schmidt VP Technology/Principal
> intechgra
> "Database System Specialists"
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> Subject: RE: MySql error...
> Hi,
> Have a look in the error file which is in mysql/data and called
> hostname.err
> to have more information on why it is shutting down.
> With that info you usually can find more help on the mysql website.
> Good luck!
>>From: "S.Yousaf Shah" <yousaf.shah@stripped>
>>Reply-To: 36yousaf@stripped
>>To: mysql@stripped
>>Subject: MySql error...
>>Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 20:01:06 +0500 (PKT)
>>I have installed mysql on my system using tar file. But when i start
>> mysql
>>it generates following error and shuts down.
>>Plz help me out to run the MySql server as i have important data on it.
>>[root@GDI mysql-standard-4.0.21-pc-linux-i686]# ./bin/safe_mysqld
>>Starting mysqld daemon with databases from
>>STOPPING server from pid file
>>050308 07:58:36  mysqld ended
>>Syed Yousaf Shah.
>>Nust Institute of Information Technology.
>>NIIT Distributed & Grid Computing Research Group.
>>Web Wizard Nust Institute of Information Technology.
>>Chaklala Scheme 3 Rawalpindi.
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Syed Yousaf Shah.
Nust Institute of Information Technology.
NIIT Distributed & Grid Computing Research Group.
Web Wizard Nust Institute of Information Technology.
Chaklala Scheme 3 Rawalpindi.
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