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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 13 1999 11:06pm
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At 4:34 PM -0600 3/13/1999, Adam Powell wrote:
>Hi... I have pulled down a result using the C API, and this result contains
>about 5-30 rows variably.
>What I want to do is to jump to one of these rows using a random number and
>select the result but I cannot find any documentation for mysql_row_seek...
>I tried using a random number but it needs a MYSQL_ROW_OFFSET instead, and I
>cannot work out what one of these is!
>Any ideas?

The argument to mysql_row_seek() is a value that is returned only
from mysql_row_tell(), so that's not suitable for what you want to
do.  Use mysql_data_seek() instead, to which you can pass a value
in the range 0 .. mysql_num_rows(result)-1.

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