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From:Scott Purcell Date:March 7 2005 9:29pm
Subject:database pooling problem
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I am working with a traditional database pooling class basically putting connection
objects into a Vector.  When I run the code from a main, it appears solid. I have run 10s
of thousands of back to back queries and all is good.
Problem is when I connect it to a web-app, and reboot the webserver a couple of times, I
get a message from the driver stating "Too many connection" and I am done.
Upon thinking about this, I figured my traditional Vector of connections, is getting
created over and over, each time someone "bumps" the web server with a new class, etc. So
I start out with 10 connections, then another 10 and another 10 and eventually I guess the
driver has no more connections to give?
Anyway, this list is possibly the wrong, list, but I would hope there are some developers
here that may lend a hand or link. So I am not happy with what I have created nor the way
it works on the web server.
Does anyone have any ideas how I should handle this? in a web-based environment.

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