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From:SGreen Date:March 7 2005 8:30pm
Subject:Re: Sum() unequal number of rows
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"Dave Kennedy" <davek@stripped> wrote on 03/06/2005 05:09:36 PM:

> SELECT sum(col1) AS total1
> FROM t1
> GROUP by col1
> SELECT col1, sum(col2) AS total2
> FROM t2
> GROUP by col2
> Table t1 contains 4 rows to sum for each value in col1 
> Table t2 contains 8 rows to sum for each value in col2
> If one select statement is used, the result has 8 rows and total2 is
> correct but the tota11 is summed over 8 rows instead of 4 
> How can they be joined to produce one row total1, total2 

Without actually seeing your actual data it is nearly impossible to help 
you diagnose this issue. Especially since your results seem to match your 
descriptions (4 rows of data in one table = 4 rows of results if you do it 
one way....)

Please post your table structures (SHOW CREATE TABLE xxx\G) and your 
sample data (SELECT * FROM xxx;), then show us what you think your queries 
SHOULD have given you (your expected results) and we can start to help. 
The xxx in the sample commands was just a placeholder for the actual table 
names of your data.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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