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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 14 1999 12:35am
Subject:Corrupting tables - follow-up
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>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Miller <jaymiller@stripped> writes:

Jay> A few weeks ago I posted a message about tables corrupting every two days or
Jay> so.  We have one process on each of two machines that run about 2 INSERT or
Jay> REPLACE statements per second.  We recently modified the code performing
Jay> these INSERTs so that instead of keeping one connection to MySQL open, we
Jay> open and close a connection to MySQL for each INSERT.  Since we made this
Jay> change our table has yet to become corrupted (+1 week now).

The open/close shouldn't affect anything.

Jay> I don't know what this means...I just thought I should share that with
Jay> anyone who was having a similar problem.

Which MySQL vesion are you now running?
Do you do any of the following queries:

- 'DELETE from table_name' without a WHERE
- 'DROP table_name'
- 'ALTER table_name...'

When this happens, has the server restarted?

Have you checked all suggestions in the MySQL manual section:
'MySQL server has gone away error' ?

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