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From:Dylan Neild Date:February 26 2005 11:38pm
Subject:Re: Solaris 10 performance improvements??
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IIRC MySQL is (or was) developed on Solaris, so it's always been very 
stable and well supported.
As for Linux outperforming Solaris .. 10 is very fast. We have it 
running in production (since 10_72) at over 1000qps on a dual opteron 
(8GB) and have never had any performance related problems.


On 16-Nov-04, at 2:14 PM, Jon Hancock wrote:

> Hello list,
> It has been my understanding from reading this list for a few years 
> that Solaris doesn't match Linux on MySQL performance.  I don't recall 
> the exact reasons (different threading code?).  Anyway, I'm exploring 
> the latest Solaris 10.  The virtualization features (Containers) are 
> enticing.  However, I can't consider using it unless MySQL performs 
> well.
> Any ideas or personal experience with MySQL 4.1.x on Solaris 10?
> Also, what is the official MySQL word on special attention to 
> optimizing for other platforms?  I know MySQL has committed to 
> optimizing MySQL for Power5 on Linux.  Are there any other 
> optimization projects the MySQL team can tell us about; such as 
> Solaris 10 on Opteron ;-).
> thanks, Jon
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