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From:matt_lists Date:February 22 2005 3:49pm
Subject:Re: Logfile verbosity
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Jeff Smelser wrote:

>On Tuesday 22 February 2005 09:08 am, Johan Jonkers wrote:
>>I was wondering if there is a way to specify how verbose the logfile
>>should be in my.cnf. I've tried searching the manual and google, but
>>have not yet found anything (besides the -v commandline option but thats
>>not it). Any helpd and.or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
>No, LOG is a all or nothing type thing.. LOG-ERROR gets you 
>warnings/notes/errors though.. (an not all the other stuff). I do wish i 
>could get a log with connections, without every query that goes through the 
even better would be logging all those queries into a table instead of a 
flat file which we then have to parse or load right back into mysql

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