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From:Martin Date:February 22 2005 1:48am
Subject:Re: Odd rounding errors with 4.1
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Huh, you know.  Now that I'm not at work and therefore don't have my 
numbers to check against, you're right.

Man, I must need more coffee.

Never mind me. :)

May be back tomorrow, though, when I have the numbers in front of me.  I 
know they didn't add up earlier...


Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> My recent test involved the following three values from the column:
>> 2.4950
>> 2.5950
>> 2.7700
>> When I use a SUM() on these I get: 7.860
> Sounds good to me...
>> If I switch the column over to a FLOAT, then the SUM() becomes 
>> 7.8599998950958
>> Using Excel to test the numbers, or hand-calculating, I get:
>> 7.8550.
> Time for a hand upgrade, I think :-)  5 + 5 = 5???  I don't even
> want to think about how Excel would come up with this...
>> Shouldn't the SUM() remain with the precision of the DECIMAL type and 
>> not try to round to 2 decimal places?
> My own, possibly suspect, hand calculations show that SUM() is right;
> and it's common knowledge that floating point isn't the right thing to 
> use for situations like this -- that's why there *is* a DECIMAL type.
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