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From:Paul Chinen - DCW Date:February 19 2005 9:21pm
Subject:Re: Dual Xeon EM64T fedora3 x86_64
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I use:
#  ps -axH | grep mysql
and now I can see all theads.

I was worry about mysql is not using both CPU, but it is.

I made a test running stress queries:
with 1 coneccion I got 75% idle processor,
2 coneccion I got 50% idle processor,
3 coneccion I got 25% idle processor


Gleb Paharenko wrote:
> Hello.
> Try -m command line option to see all threads.
>>Paul Chinen - NB <paulch@stripped> wrote:
>>I just installed MySQL-server-4.0.23-0.x86_64.rpm on Dual Xeon 3.2 64 
>>bit 8G of RAM with Fedora3 x86_64. I noticed (doing a ps ax|grep mysql) 
>>that there is only one mysqld process running. Is this normal?
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