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From:LAFONTAINE Julien - LYO Date:February 17 2005 5:39pm
Subject:Problem with SUM and DECIMAL field
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Hi everyone,

I've recentely upgarded my servers from MySQL 3.23.49 to MySQL 4.1.9.

Now I have a problem when using the SUM operator on DECIMAL field.

The value returned by the SUM operator when used with DECIMAL field has a
coma (,) as decimal separator while it used to be have a dot (.) . If I
query my table to display the DECIMAL fields (SELECT * FROM ...)  I get a
dot as decimal separator as expected.

This doesn't look like a big issue but it prevents Connector/J from
retieving the data properly. Connector/J can't parse the value of the field
as it's expecting a dot as decimal separator.

Here is the stack trace :

java.sql.SQLException: Bad format for BigDecimal '12660,95' in column 1( .
() . SUM(AMFTPF)()).
            at com.mysql.jdbc.ResultSet.getBigDecimal(

I'm using Connector/J 3.0.16.

One last thing : this seems to happen only on AIX. I have tried on Linux and
Windows XP and everything works as expected.

Is there something wrong with some of my database parameters or is this a
bug ?

Please let me know if someone is interested by a testcase.


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