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From:Harry Brueckner Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:mysqld restarted
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I run mysql 3.22.19b on my Linux server and in the past weeks I sometimes got
messages like:

mysqld restarted on  Tue Apr 13 14:59:09 CEST 1999
/home/mysql-3.22.19b/libexec/mysqld: ready for connections

in my mysql.err file. The question I face now, is WHY did it get restarted or
what happened to mysqld ? The error log just says that it was restarted but
there is no information available about what happened.

The server answers like 30 questions per second during the day and the 24h
average is at approximately 10 questions per second.
I know it is kinda highly frequented but it handles it nicely except for this
restarting every few days or sometimes only once a week or so.

The problem is that I can not turn on logging but of course I am interested in
things that go wrong. The logfile MySQL provides right now would kinda overflow
my harddisks pretty fast. :-)

Any ideas how to get an idea about what the server is doing wrong ?


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mysqld restartedHarry Brueckner14 Apr
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