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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:February 17 2005 8:33am
Subject:Re: Mysql running as root
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Hi Russ!

Am Mi, den 16.02.2005 schrieb Russ um 18:58:
> I have two questions:
> 1) I'm still having trouble getting mysql to run as user mysql. All the file 
> and folders have been changed to be owned by user mysql but phpadmin shows my 
> sql running as root. When I log on as root and look at the users, I do not 
> see a mysql user. Do I need to create this user and what permissions does it 
> need? How can the files and folders be owned by a user if they do not exist?

I feel you need to provide more information:

a) On which operating system do you run MySQL?

b) You write "log on as root and look at the users", what do you mean:
- "look at the users running processes" (like the Unix "ps" command), or
- "look at the users defined in the system" (Unix: "/etc/passwd" file) ?

c) Which is the mechanism you use to start MySQL?

> 2) When my windows environment died I was unable to dump mysql. I was able to 
> recover the Data files for both tables I had (.myd, .myi and .frm) Also for 
> the host database,etc. can these be copied to my new Linux enviroment or is 
> it best to rebuild everything?

I leave that to others to answer, but again you might add info:
"windows environment" refers to some x86 / Pentium / Athlon machine,
probably 32 bit, as there is no other hardware for this.
But what is the hardware base of your "Linux enviroment" - there are
many different possibilities here!

Transfer of binary data may well be possible within the same "byte sex"
("little endian" or "big endian") and (pointer) size (32 or 64 bit), but
probably not if one of these fundamental decisions is changed (like from
x86, little endian 32 bit, to PPC, as this is big endian, or to Alpha,
as this is 64 bit).


Joerg Bruehe, Senior Production Engineer

Are you MySQL certified?

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