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From:N S Date:February 16 2005 3:28pm
Subject:Problem with the stopword file in 4.1.9-Max
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I set ft_min_len_word = 3 and ft_stopword_file =
/etc/stopword.cnf in my.cnf file under the [mysqld]

I then restart the server and rebuild the indexes with

The ft_min_len_word=3 seems to work: I get the
expected results when quering for 3-letter words

Unfortunately, that is not the same with the stopwords
The default character set of the server is utf8. All
data in the tables are utf8 as well. So, I thought
that the stopword file should be in utf8 as well. If
that is wrong please say so. Now the syntax of that
file: I've tried one word each row, I've tried
double-quotes around words, I've tried comma-separated
as well as double-quotes and commas together, also
tried space-separated. I've tried anything I could
think of. None of those seem to work. When I query for
 one of those stopwords, I get results :(

After each change to the stopword file, I always
restart server, rebuild indexes etc.

I've run out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.
Thx in advance, Nick

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Problem with the stopword file in 4.1.9-MaxN S16 Feb
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