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From:Atle Veka Date:February 15 2005 12:34am
Subject:Re: Empty 'Relay_Master_Log_File'?
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On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Eric Bergen wrote:

> My understanding is that relay-info.log stores Exec_Master_Log_Pos so
> in order to only use in a snapshot you need to make sure
> that the slave is caught up when the snapshot is taken. It's common
> for the I/O thread (controls and downloads logs files) to
> be a few queries ahead of the SQL thread (controls and
> executes queries).
> If I'm wrong here please correct me. If you have Exec_Master_Log_Pos
> you can use it for Read_Master_Log_Pos on change master command on the
> new slave so it starts downloading relay logs at the proper position.

Eric, interesting point, I will have to get to the bottom of that so that
I can ensure that my slaves have identical data! ;) Luckily I alway seed
from an idle slave so it should only be minor inconsistencies if that ever


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