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From:Mathew Ray Date:February 14 2005 10:50pm
Subject:join speed vs. 2 queries
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Newbie on the list here having a bit of confusion at the moment why an 
INNER JOIN is taking so long... I have replaced a few column names to 
make it a bit more succinct:

FROM data, values, names

WHERE data.campaign_id = 22
AND = 'content'
AND values.value = 'index'

AND data.name_id =
AND data.value_id =;

This query should pull out all of the index content from the data table 
for campaign 22. name_id and value_id are indexed, as are the name and 
value fields of the names and values tables. campaign_id is also indexed 
  in the data table and each name and value is unique per campaign. The 
vardata dataset for this campaign that has around 163000 entries and the 
above query takes nearly a minute to run. Total size of data table is 
around 3 million records.

On the same machine, the following query takes roughly 2 seconds to run:

SELECT as var_id, as val_id
FROM values, names

WHERE names.campaign_id = 22
AND values.campaign_id = names.campaign_id

AND = 'content'
AND values.value = 'index';

FROM vardata, names_temp
WHERE vardata.varNameId = names_temp.var_id
AND vardata.varValueId = names_temp.val_id;

After looking at EXPLAIN for both, I understand that the latter is 
faster because it is doing lookups based on constant values, but I have 
  a gut feeling that this kind of join should be able to be done with 
similar speed without having to use a temp table... Is there any way to 
optimize the performance of the join query without having to go with the 
two-query option?


Mathew J. Ray
Sr. Interactive Developer
IQ Television Group

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