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From:Atle Veka Date:February 14 2005 7:38pm
Subject:Empty 'Relay_Master_Log_File'?
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Yesterday I set up 4 new MySQL 4.0.22 replication slaves on 2 FreeBSD
4.10-R machines (via mysqld_multi). We have 10 other identical slaves and
I followed the same procedure as always when seeding them. The new slaves
were working fine, however when I issued SHOW SLAVE STATUS the
Relay_Master_Log_File field was empty. I reseeded one of them [with
freshly created seeds] a couple of times with the same result every time.
Then this morning I woke up and found that Relay_Master_Log_File was

I haven't been able to find anything about this online yet, and I am
wondering if anyone else has experienced this? The reason why I caught
this is that our monitoring software relies on that field being populated
to calculate replication delay.


Flying Crocodile Inc, Unix Systems Administrator
Empty 'Relay_Master_Log_File'?Atle Veka14 Feb
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