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From:Dan Wareham Date:February 14 2005 5:05pm
Subject:Time in VBA for Excel
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I have a table in my database with two fields set as Time types.

The issue I seem to have is when I use an ADO connection in VBA for Excel to 
select the two fields.

Instead of the expected format HH:MM:SS held within my recordset, I get the 
current date in the format DD/MM/YYYY. Then should it reach a record where 
the time has been set to the default 00:00:00 I get an error "Invalid Use of 

I tried outputting the data from the database to a webpage using scripting 
and I'm returned with the correct data as entered into the database. This is 
also confirmed when I view the data in the Query Browser.

I've gone through every VBA site possible and found no clues so thought 
there might be a MySQL wizz that knows what is going on....

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance

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