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From:Zhe Wang Date:February 10 2005 9:47pm
Subject:"show table status" extremely slow
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Hi, there,

    We have a huge database (84 tables of about 360 G of data in MyISAM 
tables). Recently, we converted the entire database to InnoDB (in one 
table space) and set up replication. Then we experienced some slower 

     For example, "show table status" on the master took more than 90 
seconds if the database connection was made from local server, and 
terribly 400 seconds if the connection was from a remote server. At the 
moment "show table status" was issued, there were about 5 other queries 

     However, if the test was done on the slave,  "show table status" 
took approximately 90 seconds for each of the connections from the local 
and remote servers, while only the slave thread was running in the 

     Our questions are:
1. Is "show table status" generally extremely slow for InnoDB tables?
2. Does connection from the local or remote server affect the speed of 
"show table status"?
3. Does the fact one server a master another a slave affect the speed of 
"show table status"?

      Your reply would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.


"show table status" extremely slowZhe Wang10 Feb
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