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From:f f Date:February 10 2005 2:09pm
Subject:Re: Locked myself out of the mysql database!
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1. i have same problem.

winxp sp2 + recent security bug patch.
mysql 4.1.9.

the docs :

just doesnt't worked.

At the DOS command prompt, execute this command: 
C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt --skip-grant-tables

mysql\bin is on my PATH. 
so i use mysqld-nt --skip-grant-tables.

it stops automatically.

i go to mmc and to services panel. and open mysql41
services properties. in commands there is :
mysqld-nt --default-files="path_to_ini_\mysql.ini"

so i try

mysqld-nt --default-files="path_to_ini_\mysql.ini"
--skip-grant-tables(without any service name).

it runs. however when i execute 
mysqladmin -u root flush-privileges password "newpwd"

mysql complains that it can't find any entry on user

any idea ?


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Re: Locked myself out of the mysql database!f f10 Feb