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From:symbulos partners Date:February 8 2005 10:50am
Subject:Recursive category table problem (whatever you define it). Help!
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Dear friend,

I am classifying some items. The items will be stored in a large MySQL 
database (probably InnoDB engine).  At storage time, we would like to append 
a series of descriptive categories to the item, in order to facilitate 
"friendly", very flexible searches later.

For instance item A is in main category food, subcategory organic, 
sub-subcategory vegetarian.

Item B is category organic, sub-category food, sub-sub category baby.

As you see the same category can be main category for one type of item, 
subcategory for another item, sub-subcategory for another. 

I have been working on this thing for a couple of days now, but I have not 
been able to come out with any clever solution.

I need 
- good efficiency on multicategory searches
- to store data in a relational table (if possible)
- to update easily the list of categories (the table)
- to address the problem of assigning a different status (main, sub, sub-sub 
and so on) depending on the type of item to each category I put in the list.


symbulos partners
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Recursive category table problem (whatever you define it). Help!symbulos partners8 Feb
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